Thomas Merton, Theologian, Poet, Socialist Activist


Thank you for visiting my site. I’m a London-based Northerner living near Hampton Court who has still retained her accent even after 30 years down South.  

To begin, here are five personal snippets about me:

  • I used to live on a nudist island in the south of France (& my job was to fit g-strings...)

  • I was the first person into the stadium at Live Aid after sleeping on the steps outside Wembley over night with school friends (& obvs Queen were the best act that day.)

  • I was commissioned to write a book whilst living in Trinidad (mustn't grumble.)

  • I learnt French in Paris, Hebrew on a kibbutz and Spanish in the Amazon (but am rusty on all three now.) 

  • I was a White Van Woman for over ten years in London when I renovated properties and my biggest regret is that no one ever wrote anything remotely funny in the dirt on the back of my van.


Rosalyn Cropper - artist

My artwork explores the idea of creating an alternate reality: a world of vibrant colour and, hopefully, optimism. My style is playful and energetic, characterised by bold typography, rich digital art, and tactile screen prints. My art is designed to be uplifting, but to also provoke thought and reflection. I strive to produce pieces that evoke a sense of hope, even during difficult times, and to show that joy can be found in unexpected places. 

How did I become an artist?  

I was working as a publisher in a large B2B company in central London when I was diagnosed with a chronic genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome - which basically means my connective tissue is weaker than everyone else’s and I am very bendy and it also causes wide-spread pain.

The more the pain increased the less content I became in my full-time role as a publisher and I happily went in a different direction and switched to freelance work in that arena instead.

But I also retrained in graphic design, which I loved, and this led me down this artistic rabbit hole! I hope you like my work.

Ros x



For commissions please email hello@rosalyncropper.com

For more insights into my art work, offers and new releases follow:

Instagram @rosalyncropper
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